• Visually appealing and very professional
  • Excellent lifespan
  • Heavy construction process to with stand all environments
  • Warranted product
  • DIY Installation kits
  • 100’s of Custom options

Our CNC laser cutting capacities charts show the thickness and metals that our machine can cut.

This is what makes the different, this image show how neat and accurate the final products are.

Here is a sneak peak at one for Australia’s largest laser cutting CNC machines, with self-load technology. It makes like work of any task.

1955 VW front and rear seat designed, and laser cut by HF and assembled and weld by client. This was designed as a “plug and play” style to ensure the end product.

We recently had EWP in the factory so we took the time to jump up and take some shots to show our clients the scale.


Heroes Fabrication stocks a wide range of metals & composites in pre-cut and coils to suit your manufacturing requirements. What makes us different is we have the most popular materials on hand including a full range of stainless, mild steels & aluminium. Our CNC Laser cutting machine is one of the largest in the country, size does matter!!

Our Cnc laser cutting machines are very accurate; this helps to cut down manufacturing assembly time on the project. We do not run plazma style cutting due the inconsistency and lack of precision. We need our client to trust our cnc machines capability for our business to be successful.


At Heroes Fabrication, we offer the most advanced CNC cutting services in Brisbane. It makes us capable of performing our actions even in lights/unmanned out working environments. Through this, we can complete our products and orders in a faster turnaround, which saves time and money for our customers. We precisely cut the design of any given materials by firing a laser that burns, melts, and vaporizes the fabric until you get the perfect cut. Whatever method you have in your mind, our laser cutting experts can get it done.

We are experts in laser cutting and have years of experience in this direction. So if you are interested in the laser cutting process, then choose our team for support. We assure you that all your requirements will be met.

CNC Laser Cutting Services in Brisbane

With unique lasers, we provide high accuracy perforating, cutting, fabricating, folding, and forming service to the services to the steel industry. Supporting local Australian manufacturers nationally for years, we provide in-house technical support, including CNC design and planning to assist our clients’ requirements.

We pride ourselves on providing valued solutions to our clients in their production requirements. We are devoted to supporting them in achieving their objectives. Throughout continued improvement and investment in CNC Laser Cutting Services in Brisbane, we are developing our capabilities to exceed the expectation of the market. Our laser services have become the ultimate choice for your business with state-of-the-art machines and a trained workforce.