About Us

Heroes fabrication was created to bring years of experience, knowledge.
Our passion is to try different things and create new ways of doing things. Thinking outside the box and problem solving has led us to stumbled across the importance of CNC fabrication. We then ran with this idea of CNC and created this business model that allows us to continually show our skills. 25 year’s experience in the engineering industry, 15 years in the signage industry and 10 years directing a very successful business. Taking this challenge on was easy as it is something that we love to do.


    To ensure we deliver the best products to our clients we only employ trade qualified Boiler, Body, & Sheet Metal Fabricators.


    Our team of designs can help you with parts or the complete project. The CAD designers are a very important aspect of our business they are high trained in the metal work industry. Saving you time and money.


    Our staff are on hand to assist you with obstacles you may have with your R&D.
    With a team of combined experience in both product development and mechanical engineers we are sure to find the right solution for you.


    Our service is simple; its honest!! We will strive to deliver every product in the most efficient time frames. We will also give you the correct time and we never promise unless we can deliver. We want to exceed your expectation.